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by Michael Vigas on Snowrush Company

Great guys, well experienced, well equipped, lots of fun.

by Marke Räsänen on Snowrush Company
Climb to Elbrus

Summited Elbrus west peak successfully with the help of Snowrush 🙂 Thank you Dasha and other guides, super service!

by Andrejs on Snowrush Company

Andrey is great guide with excellent experience. He helped us with equipment and supported during whole climb. Many thanks!

by Dinesh Naidoo on Snowrush Company
Elbrus Classic Route

My climbing partner and I heard of SnowRush from a friend. We were extremely satisfied with the high level of professional service received on Mt Elbrus. Our 8 day climbing package was great value for money. Andrei was more than an excellent guide; he was a friend, who ensured we were always safe on the mountain. I will recommend SnowRush to any climber looking to summit Mr Elbrus.

by Александр on Snowrush Company
Хан Тенгри

В 2016 был с Дашей и Андреем на Хан Тенгри. Поднимались по северному маршруту (через пик Чепаева). К сожалению с погодой не повезло и мы не смогли зайти на вершину. Но Ребята топ! Очень профессиональные и ответственные. Безопасность на высшем уровне. Очень приятные люди. В 2015 я с Андреем поднялся на Ленина по классике. Очень рекомендую эту компанию для любого восхождения в России и СНГ. Лучшие гиды в России !

by Alex Zinoviev on Snowrush Company
Peak Lenin

I have already wrote about my great experience on Elbrus with Andrey Voronin. In 2015 Andrey lead us to peak Lenin. It was difficult , but very exiting expedition. And on 17 August 2015 all group reached the summit. If it was not Andrey I would have never made it to the top. He contribute so much into this expedition and his care and experience help me to reach the summit. I am so grateful to this man. He is very protective and high experienced professional. You always feel safe with Andrey. Thank you very much Andrey !!!

by Magnus Jørgensen on Snowrush Company
Mt Elbrus

I had a great trip on Elbrus with Andrey Voronin a few years ago. I even made it to the top (the low peak). Andrey made sure i had alle the equipment i needed.

by Stefan Jørgensen on Snowrush Company
Elbrus Northern Route

Climbed Elbrus in 2013 with Andrey. Fantastic guide. Will do again for sure.

by Terry Gibson on Snowrush Company
Elbrus North

Climbed Elbrus North side this summer and Andrey and Dasha were outstanding throughout. Gteat guides, professional but fun. They made the trip awesome!

by Alex Ignatov on Snowrush Company
Climbing Elbrus North side

Had great time a few years ago climbing Elbrus with my friends under Andrey’s guidance.Very responsible, very reliable and a great guy.Guess if we had him on Lenin we would be actually able to do the summit ;))

by Genevieve Lee on Snowrush Company
Elbrus South Side

I was recommended to SnowRush by a friend and unfortunately, there were no trips which match the date that I was looking for. However, Dasha was extremely helpful in providing me with various options and information. With the great service provided, I trust that they will do a great job in ensuring client's safety. Will definitely recommend my friends to go for SnowRush's activity.

by Vladimir Todres on Snowrush Company
Lenin Peak

Excellent on all counts. And most pleasant people, too.Ho fatto il Lenin Peak con loro. Eccelente. E la gente il piu' piacevole.Chodil jsem s nimi Pik Lenina. Jsou vyborny team a slusnejsi lide.Ходил со Snow Rush на пик Ленина. Отлично по всем статьям. И ребята замечательные.

by Marco Pavoncelli on Snowrush Company
Elbrus, Sochi, Kamchatka

Did Elbrus, Sochi powder skiing and Kamchatka. Professional guides, highly recommended.

by James Barnard on Snowrush Company
Elbrus Climbing

Thanks for an amazing Elbrus adventure! Highly recommend!!

by Paul Ramsey on Snowrush Company
Climb to Elbrus

Successful summit of Elbrus and very enjoyable trip:-)

by Darren MacDonald on Snowrush Company
Elbrus North Side
Inredible service!!!!! I highly recommend snow rush. they have been involved in 2 of my successful summits to elbrus and i will definitley be using them in the future