SnowRush is a team of young, persevering and experienced guides who love wilderness, big mountains and pristine snow.
Do you want to stand on the summit, in awe of clouds above you and snow peaks below? Do you dream of exciting descends on shining off-piste slopes?
Then we go together!
We will help make your dreams true. We are guides with 10 years of mountain experience and hearts full of love for the peaks and slopes.

Andrey Voronin and Daria Chuenko guides
Andrey Voronin and Daria Chuenko
Founders and managers of SnowRush. Professional mountain and ski guides. More than 10 years of experience. Each of us has more than 100 climbs of Elbrus (5642 m) as well as ascends in Pamir, Tyan Shan and Caucasus.
Sergey Chuenko guide
Sergey Chuenko
Professional mountain and ski guide and instructor with more than 40 years of experience. Snow Leopard of the USSR (a title awarded to mountaineers who climbed all 7000m peaks of the former Soviet Unon). Sergey has climbed Elbrus more than 200 times, has ascended peaks in the Alps, Tyan Shan and Pamir. First climbs of several highly technical routes in the Caucasus.
Nikita Pechersky guide
Nikita Pechersky
Professional mountain and ski guide. Member of the Russian Mountain Guides Association. Significant experience of guiding ski-tours and heliski programs. Numerous climbs in Russia and abroad.
Viktor Ershov guide
Viktor Ershov
Professional mountain, ski and rock climbing guide. 10 years of experience in the Caucasus mountains. Climbed Ellbrus more than 150 times. Has worked for 5 years as a rock climbing guide on cliffs of the Crimea, Kislovodsk and Karelia.